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Botanical Knits 1

Autumns End
~ If you want to modify the length of the body or sleeves, this must be done by adding rows at the bottom of the piece since you must end on the correct row at the top in order for the st pattern to line up across the pieces when they are joined at the yoke. Adding or subtracting width at the sleeves is not recommended; the lace stitch pattern is flexible and should allow for sufficient variation.

~ It is not necessary to do the row shifts when working the sleeves. Most knitters will add sts intuitively once they know the pattern and work the row shifts without realizing they are doing it. As long as you start on the row specified and work the exact number of rows called for in the pattern, everything will line up correctly when you get to the yoke. If you don't do the row shifts or add sts into the charted portion intuitively, you will simply have more st in St st on either side of the seam.

Page 22 - Chart A Rnd 12 should read: K4, {k1, p1, k8}, k1, p1, k5.

Page 17 - Left Column, first paragraph should read:
At the beg of the next rnd, shift the chart row you are working by 10 rows (e.g. skip from row 8 to row 18 or vice versa) and work all sts except the last st of the rnd in the chart patt.

Entangled Vines
Page 48 - Under materials, The needle size requirements should read:
US8 / 5 mm 32" / 80 cm circular needle and set of double pointed needles

Page 49 - Under Finishing - Neckband - With smaller circular needle and RS facing, beg and CO sts for right front neck, pick up and knit 8... sts along CO edge, 10... sts along side neck to original CO sts, 58... sts along CO edge, 10... sts along side neck, and 8....sts along,
It should read CO sts for left front neck.

Ivy Trellis Mittens
Page 74 - Hand: Rnds 2-18: Work even in est patt, working through row 16 of Chart A, then work rows 1-2 of Chart A once more.

Twigs and Willows
Page 38 - Under Materials Section: It should read 8 (8, 8, 8)[9, 9, 9, 9] buttons 1" / 2.5 cm in diameter.

Page 44 - Right Leaf Chart definition should read: Sl 2 sts to cn and hold to front. P1, p2tog, M1R, then k2 from cn.

Botanical Knits 2

Page 59
C2B: Cable 2 Back: Sl 1 st to cn and hold to back. K1 from left needle, then k1 from cn.
C2F: Cable 2 Front: Slip 1 st to the cn and hold to front. K1 from left needle, then k1 from cn.

Page 25
Right Front: second column, third paragraph
End with a WS row.

Twigs and Willows Mitts
Page 64 - Chart A: Line 15: The written instructions in brackets read {k2, p2} twice but they should read {p2, k2} twice.

Page 104 - Chart A should read
Rnd 1: K2, p7, k2-tbl, p7, k2.
Rnd 2: K2, p7, k1-tbl, C2F-tbl, p6, k2.
Rnd 3: K2, p7, k2-tbl, C2F-tbl, p5, k2.
Rnd 34: K1, p4, k3-tbl, p1, k1-tbl, M1L, k1-tbl, p2, T2F-tbl, p4, k1.

Page 104 - Chart B should read
Rnd 1: K2, p7, k2-tbl, p7, k2.
Rnd 2: K2, p6, C2B-tbl, k1-tbl, p7, k2.
Rnd 3: K2, p5, C2B-tbl, k2-tbl, p7, k2.
Rnd 34: K1, p4, T2B-tbl, p2, k1-tbl, M1R, k1-tbl, p1, k3-tbl, p4, k1.
Rnd 35: K1, p8, k3-tbl, p1, T2F-tbl, k1-tbl, p4, k1.
Rnd 36: K1, p8, k3-tbl, p2, k2-tbl, p4, k1.
Rnd 37: K1, p8, k3-tbl, p2, T2F-tbl, p4, k1.